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Hello all! My name is Stephen Lucas and my wife Diane and I have taken over this fun loving business from the amazing Mike and Shelley Courtney.


I met Mike over 20 years ago while staying with some good friends in NOLA for Jazz Fest. In the time I was able to spend with Mike, he always left me feeling joyful. I only recently was able to meet Shelly in person, and am grateful to have gotten to know what a beautiful soul she has.


Hot Sauce Mike

Hot Sauce Mike had quite a colorful life which took him from running away from home as a youth to join the carnival, to numerous adventures across the country. Notably, he enjoyed his time as the foreman at Key West Tropical Nursery in Key West, Florida where he also played music and working at the Convention Center in New Orleans (his home-away-from-home).


Among his many careers, a highlight for him was driving the bus for a famous Bluegrass group, The Johnson Mountain Boys, in the 80’s. In March of 2015, he retired after almost 25 years with the federal government. His hobbies included playing mandolin, banjo and accordion and he favored acoustic music, especially bluegrass, Cajun, blues and folk-styles. He also had a keen interest in snakes and reptiles.

Hot Sauce Mike married later in life after meeting the love of his life, Shelley, on eHarmony. They got married in January 2009 and they devoted their free time to “Hot Sauce Holsters” as well as having many fun adventures.

Hot Sauce Mike passed away in late October 2016 from bladder cancer and is passing on his Hot Sauce Holster dream to his old friend and hot sauce lover, Stephen W. Lucas and his wife Diane.

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